Welcome to AdamHudsonPhotography.com, I am delighted you found my website and I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself to you.

ZFsYJxdUMy name is Adam and I have been a professional photographer for 15+ years, but I have been an enthusiastic hobby photographer since I am 6 years old. Photography is a passion for me and as parent and husband I especially have a passion for baby and wedding photography.

I was born and raised not far from Las Vegas, NV, and I still live with my family in Cook County. Probably one of the most compelling reasons for me to live here is the weather and the endless opportunity for extremely diverse weddings. I absolutely love working people for all backgrounds and have taken photos for some very unique events involving everything from 2 people to 1,500 guests.

All these events bring their own unique challenges, but the great thing is that Las Vegas has so much to offer that there really is no shortage of great photo-shoot locations, regardless of what your expectations are.

The Team

My wife regularly accompanies me on wedding assignments and she has a great way with clients, to reassure them that we will indeed get the perfect moments captured. This is particularly important for events where there are children involved, as we love adding non-posed images to the portfolio; and that can be challenging at the best of times.


Because I use the most up to date high tech equipment I am in a position to start reviewing some of the best shots on the day. This is particularly important to couples who have a very specific set of images in mind. Essentially, we can spend 30 minutes taking shots, and my wife starts loading them onto the laptop and picking out the best ones. To break up the time we then quickly review those images and clients are happy that they have what they need.


For family portrait shoots I am extremely flexible. Some people love having studio shots, while others prefer them taken in their own homes. In other cases I have even accompanied a family out to Death Valley and the strip in Las Vegas to get some really unique and impactful photos.

Landscape and Nature

I also love the great outdoors and have had had many clients from magazines to tourist offices around Cook  County and Nevada. This state of ours has so much to offer that even after all these years of taking photos I do not get bored of visiting places I have been so many times. Starting soon I will be organising photography classes and field trips, so stay tuned for more updates.

If you want to see some testimonials and references, as well as some sample portfolios then please use the contact page. I am more than happy to arrange for a free consultation either in my studio or somewhere that suits you better.


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