Family Photography

This is one of my most favorite ways to earn money as a photographer at it is also one of the most quickly growing parts of my business. For a long time people moved away from professional photographers for family photos as the digital camera and camera phone age evolved. But I have seen a steady shift back as people realize that having a camera and taking great pictures are two very different things.

Family Photos From A Family Man

IMG_7363_bwAs a father of two I know exactly how difficult it can be to get kids of all ages to just stand still for long enough to get a nice photo. As kids get older and into teenage years the difficulty is getting them to even just smile.

Over the years I have learned how to exactly deal with kids of all ages and one of my secrets is to have a mobile photo studio.

Mobile Studio

This allows me to go to people’s home where kids are generally most comfortable. Using your own environment also adds a very personal touch to the photos. With simple props and some professional equipment I can transform practically any home into a studio with lighting conditions that guarantee great results.

Immediate Results

Another thing I offer is for customers to see their images immediately so that you are confident before you leave that you will receive images that are just right. A lot of time can be wasted and frustration can run high if you don’t get what you want. That is why you see some of my results immediately.

Modern mobile computer technology also allows me to show you previews of effects and print styles and materials that you can choose from. There really is something for every budget and the majority of my clients come back on a regular basis.


I never share customer photos online as I greatly value privacy. In today’s digital age I have seen too many photographers and clients very disappointed when images are blatantly stolen from websites and used in dubious ways.

If you would like to see some sample images and testimonials then I can arrange to meet with you either in my studio or at home. This will show you what I do and will also give you some ideas for what you might want as a gift or just to hang up at home.