An Introduction To Black And White Photography

You know, there is something that is definitely more imaginative regarding black and white digital photography. I understand I am getting a little away from the overall concept of digital photography. Yet as a digital photographer, you will no question face the phenomenon that is black and white digital photography.

1-March 2010 096I can bear in mind vividly a photographer called Michael Zagaris who is the group professional photographer of the San Francisco 49ers. He stated that he was simply mesmerized by the usage of black and white photography. It means the light and also the shading are so much more apparent. This assists in contributing to the general sensation and also feeling of the moment that the black and white photo catches.

Some of you may be stating to yourselves that color photography has surely filled in black and white photography, and I would claim that for the most part you are correct. An appealing note here is that black and white photography still holds a degree of nostalgia in the majority of photographers, amateur as well as expert alike. Perhaps one reason for this nostalgia is the fact that digital photography was initially handled in black and white movie. Not just that, but many photography students are entrusted with taking black and white pictures when they are in their very first digital photography courses. I know in my very first photography course I was amazed at the very idea. Just later when the pictures were developed did I truly start to appreciate black and white pictures.

_ICT8116As a result if you are an amateur or perhaps skilled professional photographer, I would certainly motivate you to offer black and white digital photography a shot. I assume you will be pleasantly surprised at the degree of class it requires to actually manage a terrific black and white picture. After that you could be able to take in some advanced photos such as adding one stream of shade. You could have seen these kinds of images before when the professional photographer enables one shade to be extremely obvious in a black and white photo. For instance I can remember a photo of a little lady in a black and white photo, but the coat she was putting on was intense pink. It was a wonderful minute to record.

When it comes to taking the black and white images themselves, advanced digital electronic cameras have gray-scale systems that enable this. Likewise you could have the color picture transformed by utilizing a digital photography software program such as “Photoshop.” Offer on your own a possibility in black and white digital photography. I assume you will be nicely stunned in the outcomes.

Fine Art Photography

Recent years have seen an explosion of fine art photography and I firmly believe this has a lot to do with the fact that the digital darkroom has become so much more powerful and affordable. Many hobby and amateur photographers can now buy very reasonable equipment and software to turn quite ordinary shots into some incredibly creative prints. And selling those has become very simple indeed. Just check out Ebay and Amazon for some of the items on offer.

fine artThe great thing about fine art is that it lends itself to all kinds of photography. While it is most commonly used for portraits you can achieve an awful lot with landscapes and architecture as well. My personal favourite is using black and white filters to dramatize certain sceneries. This I do entirely in the digital darkroom, as it just gives me more flexibility than using in camera filters. I am just not a fan of in camera effects. To me they are clumsy to use and you are never really sure whether you achieved what you wanted.


My digital image processing workflow took many years to refine, and I am still regularly making changes to the process. In many ways it is not so different from my landscape projects. I have been using an iMac for many years as well as Apple’s Aperture software to keep my library organized. I just love the large screen with impeccable resolution and Aperture was really easy for me to learn.

Initially I did use some of the image editing features, but in early versions I just didn’t find them to be as good as Photoshop, which did result in a slightly clumsy process of switching between the two applications. But for the most part now I use the Nik Software Plugins and I absolutely love them.

I can directly launch the software from with Aperture and there is a great streamlined process from reducing noise all the way through to optimizing an image for print. The great thing is that I can create some truly amazing fine art images of landscapes in so many different ways. Silver Effex Pro is just such an amazing tool, and it’s built in filters and settings can bring you very quickly back into the old days of countless different black and white film.


Color Effex Pro is another piece that I absolutely love. Some of the most profitable images I have sold have been worked on with this piece of software. With simple control points you can set exactly where you want the effects and filters to apply and where you don’t want them. This allows you to even create black and white images with only one aspect of the image is still in color.

Fine art is where I spend most of my time in the digital darkroom, and it is a great way to spend productive time during the winter months. Daylight is then usually very short and the weather doesn’t always play ball. I often spend hours going over photos from the year to see which ones would lend themselves to making great fine art prints.