Wildlife Photography

Most people that know me are fully aware of how much I love wildlife photography. It was what got me into photography back when I was 6 years old and to this day I spend as much time as I can, taking pictures of animals. My family vacation time is also secretly planned around what type of new animals I might be able to encounter.

While Nevada has a huge amount to offer from a landscape point of view, it does lack a little bit compared to some of the more northern states. But this has never held me back and I certainly love a great challenge. Whether insects, reptiles or birds, there is so much on offer once you know exactly where to look.

Is It For You?

wildlife1For a lot of photographers it really is just a passion as it is very difficult to make a living out of it. If you are starting out a career asa photographer I would not recommend diving into wildlife. Maybe landscape, as those images are more commonly sellable as prints or stock photography.

You would really need to have a good connection to some sort of nature and wild life magazine who would commission you for certain types of images. But another problem is the often very high costs of equipment.

High Costs

For the majority of animals you will need some pretty powerful zoom lenses upwards of 400mm focal length, combined with large Apertures. Lenses like that start at $8,000 and there is almost no limit.

What I have often done is either borrow from a friend or else hire pne from a photography equipment leasing company. This is mainly to satisfy my person passion, but that may be a way to keep costs down.


The other thing you will need is a lot of time. With landscape photography you have a good idea before an assignment what you want to achieve. You can scout an area and then wait for the golden hour to get those perfect pictures. Before I had young kids I would often spend entire weekends out in the wild with camping gear and all.

It was great fun, but even after a whole weekend I often had less than a handful of great wildlife shots. Plenty of landscape ones though!


No matter what the assignment a photographer always has to prepare. The same goes for wildlife and here in Nevada it is also important from a safety point of view as there are some venomous insects and reptiles. As a kid I always loved reading about local species of animals and my grandfather would come out into the desert with me to find them.

Having that knowledge has served me very well and I have never found myself in a situation where I was in danger, nor have I ever been bitten or stung by anything worse than a mosquito or wasp.

My recommendation to anyone starting out is to do some wildlife photography to get your mind off the projects that pay the bills, but do not expect to make money from those hobby images. Start with family and wedding photography and use the money you earn to serve your real passions.

Family Photography

This is one of my most favorite ways to earn money as a photographer at it is also one of the most quickly growing parts of my business. For a long time people moved away from professional photographers for family photos as the digital camera and camera phone age evolved. But I have seen a steady shift back as people realize that having a camera and taking great pictures are two very different things.

Family Photos From A Family Man

IMG_7363_bwAs a father of two I know exactly how difficult it can be to get kids of all ages to just stand still for long enough to get a nice photo. As kids get older and into teenage years the difficulty is getting them to even just smile.

Over the years I have learned how to exactly deal with kids of all ages and one of my secrets is to have a mobile photo studio.

Mobile Studio

This allows me to go to people’s home where kids are generally most comfortable. Using your own environment also adds a very personal touch to the photos. With simple props and some professional equipment I can transform practically any home into a studio with lighting conditions that guarantee great results.

Immediate Results

Another thing I offer is for customers to see their images immediately so that you are confident before you leave that you will receive images that are just right. A lot of time can be wasted and frustration can run high if you don’t get what you want. That is why you see some of my results immediately.

Modern mobile computer technology also allows me to show you previews of effects and print styles and materials that you can choose from. There really is something for every budget and the majority of my clients come back on a regular basis.


I never share customer photos online as I greatly value privacy. In today’s digital age I have seen too many photographers and clients very disappointed when images are blatantly stolen from websites and used in dubious ways.

If you would like to see some sample images and testimonials then I can arrange to meet with you either in my studio or at home. This will show you what I do and will also give you some ideas for what you might want as a gift or just to hang up at home.


Welcome to AdamHudsonPhotography.com, I am delighted you found my website and I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself to you.

ZFsYJxdUMy name is Adam and I have been a professional photographer for 15+ years, but I have been an enthusiastic hobby photographer since I am 6 years old. Photography is a passion for me and as parent and husband I especially have a passion for baby and wedding photography.

I was born and raised not far from Las Vegas, NV, and I still live with my family in Cook County. Probably one of the most compelling reasons for me to live here is the weather and the endless opportunity for extremely diverse weddings. I absolutely love working people for all backgrounds and have taken photos for some very unique events involving everything from 2 people to 1,500 guests.

All these events bring their own unique challenges, but the great thing is that Las Vegas has so much to offer that there really is no shortage of great photo-shoot locations, regardless of what your expectations are.

The Team

My wife regularly accompanies me on wedding assignments and she has a great way with clients, to reassure them that we will indeed get the perfect moments captured. This is particularly important for events where there are children involved, as we love adding non-posed images to the portfolio; and that can be challenging at the best of times.


Because I use the most up to date high tech equipment I am in a position to start reviewing some of the best shots on the day. This is particularly important to couples who have a very specific set of images in mind. Essentially, we can spend 30 minutes taking shots, and my wife starts loading them onto the laptop and picking out the best ones. To break up the time we then quickly review those images and clients are happy that they have what they need.


For family portrait shoots I am extremely flexible. Some people love having studio shots, while others prefer them taken in their own homes. In other cases I have even accompanied a family out to Death Valley and the strip in Las Vegas to get some really unique and impactful photos.

Landscape and Nature

I also love the great outdoors and have had had many clients from magazines to tourist offices around Cook  County and Nevada. This state of ours has so much to offer that even after all these years of taking photos I do not get bored of visiting places I have been so many times. Starting soon I will be organising photography classes and field trips, so stay tuned for more updates.

If you want to see some testimonials and references, as well as some sample portfolios then please use the contact page. I am more than happy to arrange for a free consultation either in my studio or somewhere that suits you better.


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Ten Top Tips For Las Vegas Marriage Requirements

So you’ve determined to get married in Las Vegas. Terrific! Yet what do you really have to perform in order to obtain a Las Vegas marriage permit? Here are ten top ideas clarifying Sin city marriage licenses.

1. Las Vegas marriage licenses are the same for UNITED STATES as well as non UNITED STATES residents.

2. Non U.S. residents must consult the authorities in their own country for any sort of particular files they may require so their marital relationship is recognized in their country.

3. The happy couple has to be a man and woman.

4. Marriage license applicants must go to the very least 18 years old. Underage applicants between 16 or 17 should have the approval of a parent or guardian. Minors need to have an initial or qualified duplicate of the birth certification that provides the name of the moms and dad. Legal guardians need to present proof of guardianship. A parent or guardian should have proof of identity.

5. Licenses set you back $55. As soon as a license is released, there are no blood tests and no waiting time. You could get wed immediately.

6. Candidates should have evidence of identification such as a vehicle driver’s permit, original or licensed copy of a birth certificate or ticket when obtaining a certificate as your age could be checked.

7. You will certainly require your social safety number in order to request a license if you’re an U.S. consumer.

8. Divorced applicants have to know the month, day, year, city as well as state of their divorce. The divorce should be settled. The divorce needs to be submitted with the courts in the state or nation given. You don’t have to bring the separation decree though.

9. In order to be lawfully wed, the ceremony has to be performed in the state of Nevada within one year from the date the license was issued. The person executing the ceremony should be authorised or certified to carry out wedding ceremonies in Nevada.

10. For more in-depth info on obtaining a Sin city marriage permit, browse through www.co.clark.nv.us/clerk/marriage_information.htm

Marital relationship Bureau, Las Vegas, Nevada 200 S. 3rd Road, 1st floor Sin city, NV 89155-1603 -LRB-702-RRB- 455-4415.

Hours for the Marital relationship Bureau Office only:.
Monday with Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 (Midnight).
Friday 8:00 a.m. to Sunday 12:00 (Midnight).

The hrs for carrying out civil ceremonies are: 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m, daily, consisting of vacationings as well as weekend breaks.

Vegas Weddings for all Tastes

Vegas is nearly as popular for wedding events as it is for several of its even more dubious roots as well as tasks. In fact there are wedding event churches on practically every corner and also in nearly every significant casino on the strip and all around the city. There are themed wedding events, sophisticated wedding events, easy wedding events, alien weddings, as well as all type of wedding events in between. Other than gambling, it appears that Vegas recognizes the most about wedding celebrations.

If you’re planning a wedding celebration, thinking of a wedding, or just wonder what a wedding would be like, might I suggest among the numerous wedding celebration chapels in Vegas? It takes all sort of individuals to assemble a fairy tale wedding celebration nevertheless it can be performed in Vegas in a matter of minutes. There are also wedding chapels in Vegas that will certainly rent outfits in which to get married. There are also those that rent out the gowns and also coats for the so much more generally minded amongst you.

There are all types of wedding package deals that can be gotten from the ordinary Jane and simple Sue wedding bundles that provide no fuss and also no enjoyment, to those with more bells and whistles than you could shake a stick at. In my experience there are plenty ofchoicest for literally everyone. From expert digital photography to full service spa bundles prior to the wedding celebration for the bride and the bridal party there are all type of lavish wedding event touches standing by to those that agree to spend for the package offered.

Vegas is most likely the only city worldwide that has specialists committed to tossing bachelor and also bachelorette parties for brides and grooms to be. It actually does defeat all you have actually ever seen as well as more than many have actually ever before dreamed of. While many people had longed for fairy tale weddings as well as mother and father spending for it, there are equally as many that have actually had romantic long for obtaining married in Vegas considering that the first time they heard it stated in films or on TV.

There are those that want Elvis impersonators singing as they share promises and others that want him to officiate the solutions. With so many preferences and also wedding desires, Sin city has actually come through with beaming different colors as far as making desire weddings feasible for all those that enter.

It would seem that in Vegas, no wedding event apply for (as long as it is lawful) is out of the question. From the just sophisticated to the outrageously cheesy there are churches of passion for all persuasions from pink blurry carpeting as well as candle lights to shocking dungeon looking rooms and all kinds between weddings have actually been executed for many different walks of life and to validate commitments for various individuals and connections from many nations around the world. Vegas is among the easiest cities on the planet in which to obtain married and also all kinds of people capitalize on that for a quickie wedding. The one policy is that celebrations should be of legal age and should be consenting. Consent is quite recognizable on your wedding day in most cases.

If you’re planning a Vegas wedding celebration, you are not alone as well as I wish you the absolute ideal of good luck as you begin your new lives in this definitely remarkable city of several desires.


Las Vegas Weddings at the Mandalay Bay

Sin city Weddings at the Mandalay Bay

If you are torn between wishing to get married in an exotic paradise and also Sin city, nothing  compares to the Mandalay Bay Resort and casino. The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is an exotic themed hotel with it’s own beach and tropical landscape design. This resort provides 2 charming wedding event chapels which are right next to an eleven acre exotic shallows.

If you wish to get married at this place, their chapels have actually some reasonably priced package deals. While some Sin city resorts have wedding celebration churches with bundles that begin at well over a thousand bucks, the Mandalay Bay’s the very least expensive package, the Crystal Seas bundle, prices around seven hundred bucks.

This includes the church, a minister, a wedding event arrangement for the bride and a posy for the groom. Additionally included is a small digital photo plan, bottle of sparkling wine, as well as a pianist to play at your ceremony. The pianist is a wonderful addition because several Las Vegas wedding event locations just give recorded music for the ceremony. This wedding package is just offered on Sundays.

The Mandalay Bay churches additionally provide a number of various other package deals. One of the most luxurious plans offered, the Diamond Lighting bundle, costing 2600 bucks on Sundays and also costs an extra hundred bucks on Fridays and Saturdays. This bundle consists of blossoms for not only the groom and bride but also for the maid of honor and also best man.

Likewise included is a bigger photography package, a DVD recording of the wedding ceremony, a unity candle light service, as well as the pianist will certainly execute before and throughout the event. The package additionally features a skin treatment package, container of sparkling wine, fruit basket, a honeymoon collection, breakfast in bed, and a sparkling wine dinner.

The Mandalay Bay absolutely supplies a nice environment for wedding celebrations. The exotic landscape as well as beaches that they provide would absolutely produce a great backdrop for wedding event images, as well as the package deals are relatively reasonably priced. The chapels at Mandalay Bay absolutely have a whole lot to provide couples that wish to say “I do” in Sin city.